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Pics below I took myself, earlier this year after I inseminated her, BBFS easily accomplished on the first visit. I am going to be in EUGENE–NOT Portland, very soon.

She’s in Portland, a little bit of stretch marks, but in good shape and she dresses to impress in stripper garb, etc. 200 for an hour but I got more than an hour with multiples. CIP was slam dunk. Total pleaser! I have not seen any reports or even hints about her BBFS anywhere, though, even though she’s been heavily reviewed on numerous sites. I’m likely coming back to the PNW for business again this month, and I’m interested in getting confirmation on a few Seattle-area providers that I’ve either read older reports on, or that I’m hoping are (still) BBFS / CIP friendly, if they have upcharges or not, etc.

Odessa on the other hand has and excon who just got out, so he might be involved now. I’m not sure. Most of those alerts are from dumb ass clients and that one alert on Grey is from some drama queen who I’m not sure what that that was about.

I’m new to the board and looking for info on escorts that do BBFS. I’ve only currently seen TwistedLinda for BBFS CIP.Your best bet is to go back through the pages in this thread and note the numerous suggestions for BB action. Don’t wait for someone to spoon feed you.

She has an average body a little overweight but not super sloppy. Her skills and demeanor made up for it. No hesitations to suck her own juices off the popsicle stick.

  • Firm no on bare.She is very YMMV.
  • One other chick I didn’t note who I BBCIP’d was Kat (I think she’s on TNA now actually, but before had been posting on Listcrawler and others) – kind of cute in the pics, readhead, says she gives good massages.
  • I have not seen any reports or even hints about her BBFS anywhere, though, even though she’s been heavily reviewed on numerous sites.

Did the same in my bathroom. She was out of the game for several years, I would guess there’s a good reason for that. Very nice girl, and I’ve spent some time with her brother, but I don’t think I’d revisit. She disappeared in my bathroom for like 30-45 m or so.

She is very willing and wants to please. Great headgame.

She seemed to enjoy the pie as well. Good bargain. I’d say she’s open for anything pretty much, that was enough for me.Was going to see her last evening. I don’t promote a single ESCORT site.

Tits in AdverTruthing, or Something

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