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I’m new to the board and looking for info on escorts that do BBFS. I’ve only currently seen TwistedLinda for BBFS CIP.

Deep BBFS with nice clenching and CIP. She’s really fun. Chantel? The 50 year old blonde in Renton??

Communication is in and out but not too bad. She is cute girl. A little too much make up for me but overall nice experience. Nothing pre-discussed.

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I did my best to ignore it (ignorance is bliss right?) and successfully navigated the mental gymnastics necessary to pop while repressing my morbid curiosity. After popping, and some nice kissing, she noticed the mess and replied something equivalent to ‘Oh, my bad’ and went to clean herself up and bring me a wet washcloth so I could do the same. During her short absence, my fears were confirmed as I took a closer look at the bed, my crotch, and to a lesser extent, my fingers.

  • Most of the girls I found on TNA had very little information filled in and nothing to show that they were real or had a personality.
  • Super cute and sweet.
  • She does smoke H she said.
  • RedBecca did not out anyone.
  • Still, if you manage to make it through the inconvenient website design, you will be able to access a big database of sex workers and reviews from the customers.
  • I only heard she was fun after she stopped working.

This was a while back though.Yeah, I got the distinct impression that’s what she was doing (in my hotel bathroom) when she took almost an hour. And to me, being up there usually for work, to get a call about “paraphernalia” would have me kind of pissed. One other chick I didn’t note who I BBCIP’d was Kat (I think she’s on TNA now actually, but before had been posting on Listcrawler and others) – kind of cute in the pics, readhead, says she gives good massages. Anyway, she smoked a dragon in my bathroom and left the charred tin foil in the trash. I made the startling realization when I was about to check out the next morning and had to dump that crap elsewhere.

Pics below I took myself, earlier this year after I inseminated her, BBFS easily accomplished on the first visit. I am going to be in EUGENE–NOT Portland, very soon.

This is just wrong, so knock it off. I would appreciate the info on this wonderful lady. I sent you a PM request but the PM app here seems to be spotty. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a PM, I can just hope it comes through! Guys it takes a lot of work to get these BBFS girls to trust us.

Which is why I’ve published your comment. However, I just don’t see the need for it knowing how there are so many better sites out there and ones that cost next to nothing to join (in fact, most are 100% free).

And she thanks you over and over. Trust me dream girl. I’m new to the board. I’ve only seen TwistedLinda for BBFS multiple times.

However, it is basically useless in finding you a partner for a one-time encounter if you are not prepared to pay for it. TNA Board has launched years ago and it definitely shows. The website is in need of a redesign, and the multiple explicit ads certainly don’t help enhance your user experience. Still, if you manage to make it through the inconvenient website design, you will be able to access a big database of sex workers and reviews from the customers. If I’m being honest, the main reason to avoid using TNA Board to pay for sex is that it’s against the law to pay for sex.

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