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The format here just has so many inherent flaws that get in the way of finding what you’re looking for. I just gave these fuckers my email address and couldn’t even find more than one girl to bang tonight. Sure, I’ll get a GIF of a birthday cake at some point, but I’m more of a creampie dude. TNA Board? This next one is going to be a real dream come true to all you airport masturbators who love waiting in line, taking off your shoes and belt, and having some fat guy stare at your naked genitals and man-boobs through an x-ray scanner.

I only heard she was fun after she stopped working. BBBJ Greek BBFS BBFSCIP BBFSCIA All done with a “Great attitude” And she will take her time, never a rush. Never watches the clock.

With Backpage and Craigslist Personals shutdown. They had completely ZERO interest in guys who were excited about adult ladies.

If you are a TNA Board hobbyist, using the website is available to you for free. You can sign up, browse the ads, take part in the discussions, and access other website features without a registration. Advertisers, on the other hand, have to pay to post their ads, which, in theory, should improve the quality of the ads and providers available on TNAboard.

She is sweet and fun, really nice natural breasts. Super cute and sweet. Better looking than photos. Amazing natural breasts. Nice slurping BBBJ.

  • BBBJ Greek BBFS BBFSCIP BBFSCIA All done with a “Great attitude” And she will take her time, never a rush.
  • I don’t like people doing that shit in my place so I never saw her again.
  • This is a huge advantage for such a platform.
  • The TNAboards website is built on the same principle, except the authors of the ads are professional sex workers and the subject of the ads is everything you would normally expect a provider of sexual services to do.
  • When I was trying out TNA, there were never over 1,500 users online at any given time.
  • A hot AA girl and a sexy Asian / White mix.

She is very willing and wants to please. Great headgame. Fat juicy kitty was begging for it. She does smoke H she said.

RedBecca did post a link to an on-line so people could donate. In return, if you are a contributing senior, and if you have one or more to suggest in Eugene, I can send you my more revealing pics and contact info for the MILF below, in the PDX area. She’s full GFE, fabulous DFK even after eating her out her clean juicing cuunt, great BBBJ, really gets off, 200 for an overtime hour with two CIPs. She has a few extra pounds but NOT BBW, as you can see in the pictures I attached below.

These are ones that that I can’t just post on the public ones as they don’t just do it with everyone so YMMV, but just go with the flow with them. Good info Huksalot. I do see though that Odessa Rain and Miss Grey both have a number of alerts on TNA for being Robs. Sounds like they are managed, flaky and may also be thieves.

Trying to Get Laid with Outdated Tech

Neither are anything close to being managed, especially Grey. She’s just a single mom.

Her skills and demeanor made up for it. No hesitations to suck her own juices off the popsicle stick. She seemed to enjoy the pie as well. Good bargain.

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